Elected to Serve: The Mayor, Board of Trustees and Village Justice

Mayor Peter I. Cavallaro and four members of the Board of Trustees lead the Incorporated Village of Westbury.



Peter I. Cavallaro


 Steven L. Corte, First Deputy Mayor

Beaumont A. Jefferson, Second Deputy Mayor

William B. Wise

Vincent Abbatiello


Hon. Dana Boylan


Mayor Peter I. Cavallaro
Peter I. Cavallaro, Mayor














 The Mayor of an incorporated village executes all rules, regulations and local laws, and is the presiding member of its Board of Trustees. He appoints all department heads and members of the various village boards, with approval of the Board of Trustees. Having a vote equal to other Board members, the Mayor has no veto power and is responsible for operations of the village and actions of subordinate officers. In this capacity, the Mayor presents reports and resolutions to the Board for evaluation and approval by vote. The Mayor's role also includes the issuance of proclamations and instituting civil actions on behalf of the village.

He is also Commissioner of Public Works, Commissioner of Finance and Seniors Liaison. As Commissioner of Public Works he is responsible to oversee the operations of the Department of Public Works (DPW). In this capacity, he works together with key DPW personnel to assure the investigation of road conditions for necessary improvements and repair. This includes sidewalks, roadways, drainage, curbs and trees.

Mayor Cavallaro has office hours at Village Hall the first and third Thursdays 5:00 - 7:00 PM and the second Saturday 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM. No appointment is necessary.


The Board of Trustees
From left to right: Vincent Abbatiello, Beaumont A. Jefferson, Mayor Peter I. Cavallaro, Steven L. Corte and William B. Wise.



The Board of Trustees The Board of Trustees consists of four members, one or two of whom are appointed by the Mayor as Deputy Mayor. The Mayor also appoints each trustee as Commissioner of a department(s). The Board of Trustees is structured as follows:

Trustee Steven L. Corte (First Deputy Mayor) - Commissioner of Building and Planning, Assessor and Senior Citizens

Trustee Corte was elected as a Trustee in 2007 and is the Commissioner of Buildings and Planning. His primary responsibility as a Trustee is to oversee the operation of the Building Department. Trustee Corte works with the Senior Building Inspector regarding such matters as code and parking enforcement and, in his capacity as Chairman of the Planning Board, he is responsible to oversee the Site Plan Review process, sub-divisions and zoning changes. He has been a member of the Planning Board since 1993, and its Chairman since 1996. Trustee Corte also serves as the Village Assessor, a position he has held since 2000. His background includes over 30 years as a real estate appraiser, appraising both residential and commercial properties. He served as a consultant to Cole-Layer-Trumble during the Nassau County Reassessment Project regarding commercial properties.

 Trustee Beaumont Jefferson (Second Deputy Mayor) - Commissioner of Recreation and Commissioner of Personnel

  As the Commissioner of Personnel Trustee Jefferson is called on to approve recommended hirings, changes and other personnel matters.

Trustee  William B. Wise - Commissioner of Public Safety

 Trustee Wise was appointed and sworn in at the July 20, 2006 Board of Trustees Meeting. Responsible to oversee the operations of the Department of Public Works (DPW). In this capacity, he works together with key DPW personnel to assure the investigation of road conditions for necessary improvements and repair. This includes sidewalks, roadways, drainage, curbs and trees. 

Trustee Vincent Abbatiello - Commissioner of Claims and Claims Auditor and Westbury School District Liaison Committee

Trustee Abbatiello was appointed to office in November 2018. As Commissioner of Claims, Trustee Abbatiello regularly audits and approves the Village's payment of bills and claims.



Village Justice Court

Hon. Dana Boylan - Village Justice:

Dana Boylan - Village Justice

Dana Boylan was appointed Village Justice, effective January 1, 2023. She then ran in March of 2023 and was elected to her first four year term. Dana and her family have lived in the Village since 2002, and she has served on the Village Zoning Board of Appeals and as an officer of Westbury Arts.






Elizabeth Pessala - Acting Village Justice:

The Honorable Elizabeth Pessala has served as Acting Village Justice, an appointed position, since 1995. She assists the Village Justice when necessary and acts as Village Justice in the event of his or her absence. Judge Pessala has the distinction of being the first woman to be elected as the President of the Nassau County Magistrates Association.

Anna Vikse, Esq. - Village Attorney:

Anna Vikse was appointed Village Attorney in 2015. In her service to the Village, Ms. Vikse acts as legal advisor to the Mayor and Board of Trustees, and the Village's administration and Zoning Board of Appeals. The Village Attorney provides legal advice on municipal law, local government procedures and codes, and legislation, in addition to representing the Village in legal disputes in which they are involved. Ms. Vikse acts as the Village Prosecuting Attorney as well.

Kevin Kopetic - Clerk to the Justice:

The Clerk to the Justice Court administers the necessary filing of charges, responses and pleadings before the court. Through the clerk's oversight, the Justice Court Department handles the collection of all fines imposed by the court.