Tribute to Trustee Charles R. Russell

      With great sadness the Village of Westbury marks the passing of Village of Westbury Trustee Charles R. Russell.

Mayor Ernest J. Strada
    Charlie Russell and I have been colleagues over many years.  He was a friend and always a gentleman.  He was committed to the community and was always concerned for his friends and neighbors.  He had many years of dedicated service as a Member and Chairman of the Board of Zoning Appeals.  His approach was always objective and analytical.  Charlie was a good thinker and leader and his service made him exceptionally qualified for the Board of Trustees.  Charles R. Russell will be sorely missed by his family and friends.  I, personally, am deeply saddened at the loss of Trustee Russell and his shoes will not be easily filled.

Deputy Mayor Joan M. Boes
     I am deeply saddened by the passing of my friend and colleague, Charlie Russell.  While campaigning with Charlie for Village Trustee in 2005, I was constantly impressed by the number of Westburyites who knew and respected him.  He had been a teacher and mentor to so many residents and their children in the Westbury community.  It was not unusual that on any Westbury street someone personally connected with him.  He delighted in the success of others and encouraged them to work hard and to focus on their goals.

Trustee Paul H. Echause
     Westbury has lost another outstanding citizen.  His personality, knowledge, honesty and reliability made him the receiver of the highest number of votes, in the 2005 Election.  I am proud of the fact that it was Charlie who replaced me on the Zoning Board of Appeals in 1979, when I became a Trustee.  I miss Charlie Russell now and I will never forget him - he was a giant among men.

Trustee Peter I. Cavalaro
     Charlie will probably best remembered for his years of service to the young people in our community.  There are literally thousands of former students carrying on the legacies he conveyed to them as an educator: the importance of education, respect of oneself and the community in which you live and the importance of giving back.
     Charlie was very proud of his long service to the Village and, in particular, in his selection and later election as a Village Trustee.  Charlie was very conscientious and dedicated, and taught me a great deal by his example about how to be a good public servant.