Recyclable Pick-up Schedule

Below are the Updated Village of Westbury Recycling Guidelines:
Recyclables are collected each Wednesday (except on weeks with holidays). Recyclables include all glass, food jars that are either metal or plastic, bottles and cans, metal containers (e.g. tennis ball cans), wine and liquor bottles, other similar containers and newspapers & magazines.  Newspapers & magazines should be tied and placed at the curb - do not use plastic bags. Books and telephone books are collected on rubbish days.  Do not recycle deposit cans and bottles, which are recycled by returning the item for deposit redemption.  Do not recycle aerosol cans, drinking glasses, light bulbs, mirrors, window glass, batteries or paint cans.


Containers cannot be put out more than 9 hours before collection.  Containers are to be returned to your yard with-in 6 hours of collection.

If you don't have a recycling container please call the Department of Public Works at 334-0062.

What should you recycle?

NEWSPAPER: Recycle all newspapers with inserts and magazines. Newspapers and magazines must be tied with string.  Don't recycle phone books or hardcover and paperback books.

JUNK MAIL: Recycle clean dry paper with newspapers. Don't recycle wet, waxed or soiled paper, used napkins, paper towels or paper plates, carbon paper, etc.

SHREDED PAPER: Bag shredded paper in a clear plastic bag and place it next to your recycling container.

CORRUGATED CARDBOARD: All corrugated cardboard must be flattened and tied in bundles of approximately 2 ft x 2 ft x 6 inches and placed next to the recycling bin. Don't recycle box board (cereal , pasta pizza and other food boxes) cardboard with wax or Styrofoam.

GLASS: Recycle all juice & soda bottles, water bottles, beer & wine bottles and food jars. Don't recycle light bulbs, window glass, mirrors drinking glasses and broken glass.

PLASTIC: Recycle plastic items with a "1" & "2" recycling logo. Don't recycle items without a"1", "2" recycling logo, containers used for motor products, paint, solvents, lawn care products and chemicals and plastic bags.

METALS: Recycle all food cans, aluminum beverage cans, clean aluminum foil, aluminum plates and pans, and aluminum food containers. Don't recycle cans used for chemicals or paint, aerosol spray cans, appliances, tool or batteries, etc.

E-CYCLING: Recycle TVs, computers, electronics, VCRs, radios, etc. Bring them to DPW, 500 dover Street on scheduled E-CYCLE days.

Special E-CYCLING Days will be scheduled.

Collection of metal items such as refrigerators, bicycles, lawn mowers and other large metal items must be arranged by calling DPW (334-0062),