Hurricane Preparation Tips

Hurricane Season is Here


    The Village wants everyone to be prepared for the upcoming hurricane season.

    Hurricane season has officially started.  The peak for our area is mid August through mid October. 

    What is a hurricane WATCH?  This means hurricane conditions are a real possibility GET READY!

    What is a hurricane WARNING?  That means that a hurricane is expected within 24 hours.                   TAKE COVER!!

Hints for Hurricane Season


Prepare for the Storm
  Prepare an emergency kit containing: battery powered radio or TV, flash light with extra batteries, personal information (insurance policies, photo identification and proof of address, banking and credit card information, emergency contact information), first aid kit, medicine supply and written dosage instructions, childcare items, money and food and water supply for your pets.
   Develop a family emergency plan.
  Listen to radio or TV stations for up-to-date information.  Also, check the internet weather maps to watch the progress of the storm.
  Hurricane-proof your yard by doing a sweep and picking up any loose or dangling objects.  Look around - everything that can be picked up by high wind can become flying debris.  That includes trash cans, lawn furniture, bird baths and feeders, fountain ornaments and gardening tools.
  Prepare your refrigerator by moving “necessary” items to the front (or to a cooler so you don’t have to open the refrigerator at all).  Make extra ice in case of a power outage.  Set aside extra water - although the Westbury Water District has back-up generators and will probably maintain the water supply.
  In severe storms, especially in tropical storms and hurricanes, there are high winds and those winds damage tree limbs and signs and hurtle debris.  Be especially aware of tree-lined streets.  don’t park your car under a tree if you can help it.
  Avoid leaving your vehicle in standing water.  Modern vehicles use more electronics and computer chips and they can be ruined by water.
  If you are involved in an accident with a downed power line stay in the vehicle.
  Always have a flashlight, flares, reflector triangles and a cell phone in your car.
  If we are hit by a severe storm stay indoors and away from windows.
  Know that the calm “eye” of the storm is deceptive.  The storm is not over.  Often the worst part happens once the eye passes over and the winds blow from the opposite direction.

After the Storm
  Keep listening to radio or TV stations for instructions.   If you evacuated, return home only when emergency officials tell you it is safe.
  If the power is out and it’s dark use flashlights or battery powdered  lanterns.  Limit opening the refrigerator or freezer.  Food will stay at safe temperatures for many hours if the refrigerator is unopened.

   Use your internet or "smart phone" to check the Village Website, facebook and Blast Email for status updates.

   If you use a generator use it safely - DO NOT run it inside your house or near open windows.

Emergency numbers: 911, PSEG LI 1-800-490-0075, American Red Cross 747-3500