Leaf & Yard Organics Pick-up

Yard Organics Pick-up:  Yard organics shall be separated from other collected solid waste that the Village collects. Leaves, grass clippings, branches and other like organic materials must be placed at the curb in plastic or biodegradable paper bags for WEDNESDAY collection.  Tied bundles are not to exceed three feet in length and 18 inches in diameter.

During the Fall Leaf Season the Village of Westbury collects and disposes of leaves raked into the street by residents and left at their property's curb-side. Do not rake leaves into malls or islands.  If you prefer, leaves may be bagged (they won't blow back into your yard) for Wednesday organics pick-up.


Please note, this service is not provided for the benefit of hired landscapers. As a part of their regular business practice, landscapers remove and dispose of all grass clippings and leaves collected from the property . The Village Code requires all persons that are hired to remove items from a property, including leaves, must take those items away from the Village for disposal. The Village cannot absorb the added disposal cost from such a business expense. To each individual contractor, the expense is minimal and may already be built into their fee. However, cost to taxpayers is excessive if the Village must dispose of what has been collected by all private landscapers, especially when their truck loads are also mixed with collections gained from areas outside the Village. For the benefit of all residents, this regulation will continue to be strictly enforced.